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Pain News Network: 8 Tips for Patients Newly Diagnosed with Ehlers-Danlos
By Ellen Lenox Smith, Columnist Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome (EDS) is a condition that causes one to be born with deformed connective tissue, the… Continue Reading
Increase Your Margin of Safety: How Can We Prevent an Overdose?
By Dr. Harry Gould Over the last 20 years there has been a dramatic increase in the number of prescriptions being written for opioid… Continue Reading
RARE Parenting: Autoimmune Vs. Autoinflammatory and Why I Started StopCAIDNow
I was desperate to find a diagnosis for my sons. It took over 18 months for my youngest to be diagnosed and it took years for my oldest to… Continue Reading
Federal Pain Research Database Launched
The Interagency Pain Research Portfolio (IPRP), a database that provides information about pain research and training activities supported… Continue Reading
How To Help Someone In Pain
You can’t take on other people’s pain. Your rational mind knows this, of course. So I’m just going to speak to the irrational part for… Continue Reading
An abbreviated future with Leukodystrophy: Understanding the blessings of our special ones
When our little guy was born, we knew that he was truly special. His tiny little fingers would wind around ours; while his smile wound… Continue Reading
Painful Rare Disease Called Systemic Scleroderma Misdiagnosed By Doctors As Depression
My name is Ann and I was diagnosed with Systemic Scleroderma in June 2009.  Systemic scleroderma is an autoimmune disorder that affects the… Continue Reading

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