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School Bands Together to Raise Money for Genetic Sequencing of Undiagnosed Four-Year-Old
When Mackenzie Nelson celebrated her birthday last month, there was no cake. Instead, the 4-year-old had her favorite treat, a plain and… Continue Reading
Undiagnosed Disease Awareness: Eli’s Story
by Meital Benari Our journey started on January 16, 2011 when our son Eli of 4 month old suddenly collapsed at home. He was taken to the ER.… Continue Reading
Alex Undiagnosed: A Neurodegenerative Disease Goes Unnamed
It’s been ten long years and no one knows what’s wrong with Alex. He’s been gradually worsening due to a progressive neurodegenerative… Continue Reading
Emi Undiagnosed: Can You Help?
Emi was born on 7/17/13 with her intestines in her umbilical cord. We were told it was omphalocele, I was a patient at a high risk clinic… Continue Reading
When “Undiagnosed” is Your Diagnosis: The Szanjuk’s Journey
In honor of Undiagnosed Disease Day, we wanted to bring you the story of the Szanjuk’s family. Below, the story is written by mother and… Continue Reading
RARECast: Living with a Disease in Search of a Name
For many families with a child who has a rare disease, realizing that something is wrong can be the beginning of an often long and difficult… Continue Reading
46 Doctors and Counting: Why Can’t Anyone Figure Out My Disease?
By Chelsea Freund I first became sick in July 2010 at age 36 while living in Phoenix, Arizona. I was suddenly struck by intense vertigo and… Continue Reading
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