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Undiagnosed Patients Support Group in San Diego 11/7
WHEN: Saturday 7 November 2015, 2-5PM WHERE: Ronald McDonald House 2929 Children’s Way San Diego, CA 92123 This event is to encourage… Continue Reading
Undiagnosed Disorder as a Result of Intestinal Parasite
Story by Katie Seternus I lived with an intestinal parasite in my body for two and half years that basically destroyed the function of my… Continue Reading
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She Knew Something Was Wrong from the Beginning: Newborn With Genetic Liver Disease
From the beginning, Christina Whitehead knew something was wrong. Her newborn son, Nathan, who arrived March 2, was born with jaundice.… Continue Reading
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Dare You to Diagnose: Undiagnosed Starts CLARITY Challenge for Unique Patients
For the past year, the Undiagnosed production team has been working with Boston Children’s Hospital and Harvard Medical on… Continue Reading
Undiagnosed Eli: “We are Not Going to be the Same Family We Were”
Everything started when our third son, Eli, was four-months-old and suddenly collapsed at home. We called 911 and Eli was taken to the ER… Continue Reading
“We Called it Bridgetitis” Genetic Sequencing Points to PACS1
My daughter, Bridget, was born with an unknown genetic syndrome. With over 15 specialists caring for her, Bridget continued to mystify the… Continue Reading
The Six Moments You Most Hated Being Undiagnosed
That life-long, never-ending diagnostic odyssey you’ve been on for 8+ years? Yeah. You’re pretty much over it by now. Some people may… Continue Reading
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