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Orphans No More: Renaissance in New Drugs for Rare Diseases
Once famously described as “orphan diseases, too small to be noticed, too small to be funded” in the Hollywood drama Lorenzo’s Oil,… Continue Reading
The Orphan Drug Act: 30 Years and Still Going Strong!
The Orphan Drug Act (“ODA”), which President Ronald Reagan signed into law on January 4, 1983, turned 30 years old in January, 2013.… Continue Reading
7,000 Bracelets For Hope™ – A Rare Disease Awareness Campaign
Global Genes Project Launches Blue Denim Inspired ‘Cause Bracelets’ To Be Distributed To Families Facing 7000 Different Types of Rare… Continue Reading
Thank you Frances Perraudin – YES, It Is Time The World Pays Attention To Rare Disease!
Time Magazine and Frances Perraudin’s article, “Is It Time We Paid More Attention to Rare Diseases?” articulates the inherent… Continue Reading
Rare Disease Facts and Figures: 1 in 10 Americans is Living With a Rare Disease
The last day of February has been designated as World “Rare Disease Day” to call attention to the public health issues associated with… Continue Reading

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