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Educational Support – IEP
Educational Support – IEP

Special Educational Support - IEP

Individual Educational Plans (IEPs) are written for children ages 3-21 who are in special education programs. They:

• Include accommodations and modifications
• Can provide related services such as occupational therapist, physical therapist, and speech language therapist
• Allow the student to keep the same placement and stay in the regular classroom
• Include safe guards: Parental notices of evaluation or placement, Parental review of records, and Impartial hearing for appeal.
• Include possible accommodations categories, such as: Presentation of information, Response, Behavior, Timing, Test scheduling, Organization, Setting, Classroom assignment, Volume of work, Worksheet testing, and Seating arrangement.

The following will be documented in an IEP:

• The child’s present levels of academic achievement and functional performance;
• The annual goals for the child to accomplish in the academic year;
• The special education and related services to be provided to the child;
• Notation of how much of the school day the child will be educated separately from other children and in the classroom;
• The modifications that will be made for testing, including state assessments;
• Description of when services and modifications will begin, how often they will be provided, where they will be provided, and for how long; and
• Documentation of how the child’s progress towards his/her annual goals will be evaluated.

For more information on IEPs, see the Resource Guide.

The IEP Team Process: The IEP Meeting
In this video, you can watch an IEP Team meeting in progress. Meet the team members and go through the IEP process step by step. Created and produced by ECAC, the Exceptional Children's Assistance Center, NC's Parent Training and Information Center.