UK Symposium Speakers

We are very grateful to the following members of the genetic disorders community in the UK for speaking at the first UK Genetic Disorders Leadership Symposium.

 T o learn more about the speakers and view their presentations, click their photos.
Aleksic,Dr Jelena-GeneAdviserBenson,Julie_Rett UKBingley,Zillah_SPARKS
Dr. Jelena AleksicJulie BensonZillah Bingley
GeneAdviser Rett UKSPARKS
Copeland,Fiona-The Ciliopathy AllianceCurtis,Liz_Lily FoundationDavis,Warwick_Happy
Fiona CopelandLiz CurtisWarwick Davis
The Ciliopathy AllianceLily FoundationActor & founder of
Little People UK
Davis,William_A-T SocietyGaspar,Professor Bobby-GOSH & ICHGuilliams,Tim_Healx
William DavisProf Bobby GasparTim Guilliams
A-T SocietyGOSH & ICHHealx
Hennessey,Claire_Max AppealJackman,Angela-Maxwell GillottLarkin,Mark_Vitaccess
Claire HennesseyAngela JackmanMark Larkin
Max AppealMaxwell GillottVitaccess
Murray,John-Specialised Healthcare AlliancePritchard,Stuart-Genetic Alliance UKSpence,Robbie-Disability Rights UK
John MurrayStuart Pritchard Dr Nicolas Sireau
Specialised HealthcareGenetic Alliance UK AKU Society
Spence,Robbie-Disability Rights UK-sizedStamler,John-Ben's FriendsTurnbull,Dr Clare-Genomics England
Robbie Spence John Stamler Dr Clare Turnbull 
Disability Rights UK Ben’s Friends Genomics England
 van't Hoff,Dr William-GOSH Wright,Dr Caroline-Wellcome Trust Wright,Eleanor-SOSSEN
 Dr William van’t HoffDr Caroline Wright Eleanor Wright 
 GOSH Wellcome Trust SOSSEN