We Are More!



Who We Are:

We Are More – WAM! is a collection of young adults raising awareness and advocating for those living with disabilities, chronic and mental illness. There is far too much misinformation and stigma associated with these conditions and WAM! aims to change that. The WAM! team utilizes social media as a key platform to start conversations, provoke thought and motivate change.


We Need YOUR Help! 

Global Genes and the WAM! Fam have a unique opportunity to partner with the Festival of Children and their Carousel of Possible Dreams on Wednesday, November 9th, 2016. This fun and inspirational event will help raise the funds necessary for We Are More! to get off the ground. We Are More! wants to host teen and young adult led “support groups” with the WAM! flare and start to tackle the huge task of improving the quality and conversation around Disability Service Offices at educational institutions and workplaces.

Ways to help We Are More! become a reality:

  1. Raise awareness about WAM! by using marketing toolkit below with your supporters
  2. Support the Carousel of Possible Dream Riders by donating today
  3. Get your teens and young adults signed up to join the WAM! Fam today

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Join the Movement:

The WAM! fam is diverse, inclusive and action-oriented. Young adults who want to change the conversation about disability and illness are encouraged to join. WAM! fam from all over the world are taking action. Join us today!

• Young Adults aged 13 – 25 years old

Tumblr: wearemoreinitiative.tumblr.com

Instagram: @wearemoreinitiative

Twitter: @waminitiative

Facebook: @thewaminitiative

Facebook Group: We Are More Connect

Email: wearemore@globalgenes.org


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About We Are More!:

WAM! was created following a young rare advocacy meeting at Global Genes’ 2015 RARE Patient Advocacy Summit. These young advocates came together to discuss the challenges of living with a rare disease and brainstorm how they could further connect the community and empower others just like them. These conversations sparked the creation of WAM! and the continued partnership with Global Genes!