CHI Reports – How Biotech Companies are Shaping the Future in Rare Diseases


Biotech companies are navigating new trends in addressing rare diseases, conditions effecting 200,000 or fewer Americans. Jeremy Springhorn (Alexion Pharmaceuticals), Andrew Curtis (Pfizer), Marc Beer, (Aegerion Pharmaceuticals) and Susan Kahn (National Tay-Sachs & Allied Disease Association), shared their perspectives on the future of new treatments […]

New Approaches To Treatment Needed In Pediatric Cancer – Patient Podcast Series #3

Pediatric_Cancer_Nicholas Conor_Institute

In this third in a series of podcasts focused on rare disease patient advocates jointly produced by The Burrill Report, the California Healthcare Institute, we speak to Susan Cornelius, business advisor to The Nicholas Conor Institute for Pediatric Cancer Research. When her granddaughter struggled against […]