RARE Disease Facts

You are not alone. These RARE facts show the impact of rare disease. Share these statistics with your communities to let them know that RARE really is everywhere.

RARE Diseases Impact More People Than
Cancer and AIDS Combined

1 in 10

People are Affected by Rare Disease

1 in 2

Rare Diseases Don’t Have a Foundation or Research Support Groups

1 of 2

Patients Diagnosed with a Rare Disease is a Child


Million People Suffer From a Rare Disease Globally

8 in 10

Rare Diseases are Genetic

6+ Years

The Average Time it Takes for Rare Patients to Receive an Accurate Diagnosis


of Rare Diseases Lack an FDA Approved Treatment


Distinct types of Rare and Genetic Diseases

Up to $517,000

The economic impact of a delayed diagnosis is up to $517,000 in avoidable costs per patient.