Sydney, a Little Girl Who Lacks a Clear Diagnosis, Inspires Others to Never Give Up Hope

March 16, 2013

My daughter, Sydney, was featured back in July 2012. Life changed as we knew it when our perfectly healthy girl became ill when she was three years old. From the very beginning, our family decided we would fight this monster together.

Little did we know we would be here four years later with no diagnosis after numerous tests. Even though conventional medicine has done more harm than good in Sydney’s case, she has been making amazing progress this past year. Alternative therapies, like changes to her diet and horse therapy, have been helping Sydney.

We could dwell on the last four years and everything that has gone wrong with complications like deep venous thrombosis (DVT) and being on life support from getting the flu while in the hospital. Even during the darkest days, we never lost hope. Sydney is determined and continues to fight. On the days where it takes everything to just get through the day, Sydney inspires us to keep going and never give up hope.

We are also very grateful to have met a family that knows what it is like to live in our shoes. At times it is like we live on a private island, so it is nice to have a family that can relate to our struggles and our joys. We also compare research notes and join forces in trying to figure out the mystery diagnosis that our daughters face. No matter how many miles separate us, hope is always there and has no boundaries. I can’t wait until our families can meet.

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