Tips For Living with a Rare Disease in the New Year — Start 2024 off Right!

December 21, 2023

As the new year begins, those living with a rare disease may have resolutions that look different from everyone else’s. We’ve gathered some advice that may help manage your resolutions and expectations in 2024.

Cheers to you in the new year!


Adapting to Limitations: A New Year’s Resolution for Rare Disease Patients

by Joan Friedlander

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Sick But Social: Resolutions for the Chronically Ill

by Stacey Philpot

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(New Year’s Resolutions and) The Underestimated Power of Low Expectations

By Caryn Anthony

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New Years Resolutions Spoonie Edition: Body Image and Chronic Illness

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New Year: 3 Important Goals for Special Needs Moms

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New Year’s Eve Tips for Anyone Struggling With Their Mental Health

by Chris Savvy

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What I Wish in the New Year for Rare Disease Patients

by Joanna Tierno

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Legal Decisions and Person Centered Planning for the New Year

with Annette Hines

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Rare Disease Doesn’t Disappear in the New Year

by Angela Davis

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New Year Goals & Chronic Illness

with Jenna Green

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