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David R. Cox

David R. Cox, MD, PhD was an extraordinary physician scientist, becoming Professor of Genetics and Pediatrics at UCSF and later Stanford, as well as shepherding development of genomic medicine at Pfizer. In addition to his participation in the Human Genome Project and service on numerous national advisory boards, Dr. Cox showed uncommon compassion in his involvement with advocates for rare diseases. He was especially helpful to the A-T Children’s Project, an organization aiming to cure a rare and debilitating genetic disorder, ataxia telangiectasia (A-T).

Despite no personal ties to the A-T family community, over the course of 20 years, Dr. Cox gave generously of his time and expertise, leading an advisory board and orchestrating focused, innovative research that accelerated the search for finding life-improving therapies for A-T children. Even after his passing in 2013, Dr. Cox continues to inspire future clinicians to engage the patient communities most in need.

With support from the Global Genes Project, Student Advocates for Neglected Diseases (STAND) presents the David R. Cox Prize for Rare Compassion, in recognition of the inspiring essays of student doctors who, like Dr. Cox, have most identified with and understood a rare or neglected patient community they have become close to.

stand1-300x174Student Advocates for Neglected Diseases (STAND) is a student organization inspiring future clinicians to care about disease communities often neglected by the healthcare system. Engaging medical schools across the country, STAND connects students with neglected patient groups. STAND was started by Colton Margus, a medical student whose two brothers have a rare neurodegenerative disease. For more information on STAND or to get involved, please visit studentadvocates.org or email info@studentadvocates.org.