Chronic respiratory distress with surfactant metabolism deficiency

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Chronic respiratory distress with surfactant metabolism deficiency

Chronic respiratory distress with surfactant metabolism deficiency is a rare genetic primary interstitial lung disease with a highly variable clinical presentation ranging from neonatal respiratory distress syndrome to mild to severe interstitial lung disease (typical symptoms include cough tachypnea hypoxia clubbing crackles failure to thrive). Lung biopsy reveals diffuse alveolar damage interstitial thickening with inflammatory infiltrates fibroblast proliferation collagen deposition and multiple foci of fibrosis alveolar type II cell hyperplasia abundant foamy alveolar macrophages and granular lipoproteic material in the alveolar lumen. Imaging shows cystic spaces and ground-glass opacities that are typically homogenously diffuse.

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Breathe Support Network

MISSION STATEMENT The Breathe Support Networks mission is to provide support and education for pulmonary fibrosis patients and their families, helping them to better #LIVEwithPF. This includes, but is not limited to: - education about pulmonary fibrosis - guiding patients and families on how to talk to their healthcare team - providing tips to live a healthier more productive life - providing information about other pulmonary fibrosis resources

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