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Find Therapeutics Launched to Develop Rare Inflammatory and Fibrotic Diseases

June 8, 2020

Find Therapeutics has launched with a focus to develop therapies for inflammatory and fibrotic rare diseases of the airways, liver, and gastrointestinal systems.

A collaborative effort by CTI Life Sciences, along with adMare BioInnovations, Domain Therapeutics, and PeptiMimesis Pharma, the Montreal-based drug discovery and development company has received seed funding from CTI, adMare, and Domain.

Find will use a set of novel technologies that capitalize on deciphering disease-modifying GPCR pharmacology: modulation by transmembrane peptides, precise ligand signaling, disease-contextual cellular systems, and advanced molecular design. GPCRs represent one of the most important druggable target classes, yet their full potential remains underexploited due to poor understanding of their cellular signaling.

Find Therapeutics’ drug discovery engine revolves around an original transmembrane peptide-based-technology developed by PeptiMimesis Pharma in France, and a first transmembrane peptide product discovered at the University of Illinois in Chicago. The company will also use a proprietary GPCR technology platform of Domain Therapeutics, which revolves around the spatiotemporal monitoring of GPCR proximal events directly linked to GPCR activation.

“We are very excited about building this new company based on an innovative approach to discover transmembrane GPCR drugs. We believe this approach will enable the discovery of new therapies that we will first apply to rare disease indications,” said Laurence Rulleau, partner, CTI Life Sciences Fund, and president, Find Therapeutics.

Youssef Bennani, chief scientific officer of adMare BioInnovations, will act as Find’s interim CEO. Trained as chemist, he most recently retired from Vertex Pharmaceuticals as site head and VP-R&D of Vertex Pharmaceuticals Canada, prior to which he had served as VP-Drug Innovation at Vertex Pharmaceuticals in the United States.

Author: Rare Daily Staff

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