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Walking Fish Launches with $50 Million to Advance B Cell Therapies for Multiple Diseases

September 14, 2021

Walking Fish Therapeutics launched with $50 million in a series a financing to develop B cell therapeutics for oncology, rare disease, regenerative medicine, autoimmune disease, and recombinant antibody production.

Photo: Lewis “Rusty” Williams, co-founder and CEO of Walking Fish

Emerson Collective, Illumina Ventures, and Quan Capital led the financing.

Walking Fish Therapeutics has made critical advances in developing a platform to harness B cells’ capability to activate the immune system in the treatment of cancer, and to serve as in vivo protein factories that produce replacement proteins for deficiency diseases, regenerative proteins, and engineered antibodies.

The executive team includes co- founder and CEO Lewis “Rusty” Williams, who was also the founder of Five Prime Therapeutics (now part of Amgen).

“In my 35 years of academic and biotech research on protein drugs, the field of B cell therapeutics may be the biggest paradigm shift for human protein therapies,” said Williams. “Walking Fish is harnessing the unique features of B cells to address unmet needs in the treatment for solid tumors, and in non-oncology indications in which B cells can uniquely and durably deliver important proteins with known therapeutic activity.”

Author: Rare Daily Staff

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