Liam the Lion

July 11, 2022

Megan Leston Cri du Chat Research Foundation
Our son, Liam, was born with a rare and unexpected syndrome. He is 8 years old now. The syndrome is referred to as Cri du Chat or 5pminus. It has been quite a busy 8 years as we faced the day to day challenges that arise for our child with this rare condition. To provide perspective, Liam started daily physical therapy, occupational therapy and speech/feeding therapy, to name just a few, at 3 months of age and hasn’t stopped since. Not to mention attending school for his education. All while, our family continued to grow and we maintained jobs. Liam now has 4 other siblings.

As long as our days may feel, we still that dedicating ourselves to the importance of rare disease research for our son’s condition is critical. Like many rare diseases the attention on and funding for research is limited. That is why we initiated our organization’s mission to fund research shortly after Liam’s birth. We are dedicated to continue our work in order to “Raise the Bar” for research for Cri du Chat

Author: Megan Leston

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