My Hydro Warrior: What My Son’s Shocking CT Scan Revealed

June 23, 2015

What is Hydrocephalus? Hydrocephalus is a brain condition that occurs when cerebral spinal fluid is unable to drain from the brain, causing a backup of fluid in the skull. Hydrocephalus can lead to permanent brain damage, a loss in physical and mental abilities, and even death.
Armani Carter was born a healthy 7lbs 9oz baby boy, with no known health issues at birth. It was hard to believe that during his fourth month of living, his life would change forever. On June 5, 2014 the right side of Armani’s face began to swell by the next day his entire face was swollen and was growing rapidly. Armani was rushed to his pediatrician and in the process Armani had three seizures and became non responsive.

From there he was rushed to his local hospital where an immediate CT scan was done, during the scan Armani became non responsive again and was placed on a ventilator. The CT results came back rapidly showing that he had an excessive amount of fluid on his brain and had to be flown to the nearest pediatric neurosurgeon in the area. He was then flown to the Children’s Hospital of Atlanta (Egleston Campus) and more extensive testing was performed.

The results were showing that not only did the fluid surround his brain, but he also had a large mass on his brainstem that could not be removed due to its location. Armani has had a total of 5 surgeries on his brain, a total of 10 surgeries throughout his body. Most of the water pressure was on the right side of Armani’s brain causing his right side of his body to be very stiff.

Armani’s hydrocephalus has also caused him to function as a three month old infant. Although there is no cure for hydrocephalus Armani will require treatment, outpatient therapy and will also have several surgical procedures done for the rest of his life. Armani also has severe hypertonia/CP, he’s 100% g-tube fed, no cerebellum which was caused by his posterior fossa brain tumor located on his brain stem that cannot be removed. In the month of June we will receive our first round of Botox injections in hopes to loosen his muscle tone in his legs as well as 2 surgeries.

Story given by Armani’s mother, Kimberly Carter.

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