RARE Tribute to Champions of Hope



September 24, 2016

Registration opens June 1, 2016.

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2015 Tribute to Champions of Hope – Blue Carpet from Global Genes on Vimeo.

Each year, Global Genes hosts its annual RARE Tribute to Champions of Hope Gala, where we have the good fortune of hearing from rare disease champions from around the globe who are proving that great things can be accomplished by dreaming, planning, taking action, and believing.

The results are quite inspiring. 

The purpose of the RARE Tribute to Champions of Hope Gala is to recognize those who are uniquely attacking the challenges they face in the fight against rare disease; those who are thinking outside of the box and working tirelessly, not focusing on what was, but setting their sites on what can/will be.

2015 Tribute to Champions of Hope Recap

The 4th annual RARE Tribute to Champions of Hope was host to over 800 attendees and was in part responsible for helping in raising 1.2 million dollars towards Global Genes’ educational programs and new Rare Patient Impact Grant Program.  The night will be remembered for its courageous honorees, touching acceptance speeches, and amazing performances. 


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 2014 Patient Summit & Corp Alliance  2014 Patient Summit & Corp Alliance



View the 2015 RARE Tribute to Champion of Hope Nominees, here.






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