Ilana Jacqueline

(Editor) Ilana Jacqueline is the Managing Editor of The RARE Daily at Global Genes. She assists the patient community in getting their stories heard and shared so that they can connect, educate and inspire. Ms. Jacqueline has been reporting on health and other issues both online and in print for the last ten years. She has personal experience as a rare disease patient with Primary Immune Deficiency Disease and keeps a blog discussing her experiences at

In the past, Ms. Jacqueline has written for The Palm Beach PostThe Sun-SentinelThe Huffington PostCosmopolitanMarie Claire, Everyday HealthAOL, and her first book, Overcoming Chronic Illness (Demos Health) will hit shelves in August 2015.

Ilana Jacqueline is a South Florida native who has never seen snow, decorates about three months too early for the holidays and is torn over whether or not she wants to have children…or maybe just more poodles?

You can see more of her work at The Huffington Post, Cosmopolitan and, of course, on her blog Let’s Feel Better.

Want to reach out? You can email Ilana at

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