$15,000 in 15 Days for Dup15q/Wear Blue for Dup15q

February 17, 2014

Dup15q Alliance
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Rare Disease | Genetic Condition
15q11-13 duplication syndrome (dup15q syndrome)
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$15,000 in 15 Days for Dup15q/Wear Blue for Dup15q
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Each year from Valentine’s Day to Rare Disease Day, Dup15q Alliance raises awareness of dup15q syndrome in communities around the world. In conjunction, we hold our $15,000 in 15 Days for Dup15q fundraiser. Money is raised by families in a variety of ways – email campaigns, bake sales, wear jeans to work days, sales of BELIEVE bracelets and t-shirts to name a few. It is limited only by your imagination!

This year we have added incentive to reach our goal as a dup15q family has generously agreed to match funds donated during these 15 days up to $15,000!

Help us to celebrate Rare Disease Day in your school, workplace or community group by organizing an event. Let us know about it at [email protected] and we’ll put it on our website! Sample flyers, brochures and more information are available at

Together we can make a difference in the lives of those with dup15q syndrome!
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