5 Reasons Why You Should Register for Our Free Day of Beauty!

September 25, 2015

Spots are still open to enjoy our “Day of Beauty.” This day is exclusively for advocates attending our Tribute to Champions of Hope Gala. It is  brought to you by ​Beauty Bus in partnership with Global Genes and sponsored by Walgreens. You have a choice of  a free nail, hair, or makeup appointment. All you have to do is choose what kind of treatment you want, and a time to show up and then you’ll get pampered for free!
Sign up for the “Day of Beauty” is at registration outside of the #2015GGSummit main room. Spots are limited ! Still not convinced? Check out our five reasons below that you should register!


You’ve just ran a patient advocacy marathon.




Choosing to attend the RARE Patient Advocacy Summit and/or RARE Tribute to Champions of Hope Gala was a great choice. Between travel, hotel accommodations, finding an outfit—and then giving your all to get as much education as possible, you must be running on low. Give yourself a little boost with our day of beauty!

As a patient, caregiver, doctor, researcher or scientist—You give of yourself to this community.


So let it give back. This Beauty Bus exists to serve you. Specifically YOU. So let us say “thank you” for all that you do.

Because if not now—when?


Whether you’re a patient in and out of hospitals or a caregiver, constantly giving your all, there is hardly ever a moment to claim as your own. The opportunity is here. It’s time to put down the calendar, call in the back-up, and give yourself a day of beauty.

It soon will be time, one again, for action.

giphy (3)

Which means it’s time to get you refreshed and ready to continue the fight.


Because Why Not?

You will twirl and sing as you leave the bus...what great choices I have made!

You will twirl and sing as you leave the bus…what great choices I have made!

You don’t have to ask a L’oreal commercial, you know you’re worth it! So come on down and treat yourself!

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