Car Show Held to Support Young Boy with Aicardi Syndrome

November 25, 2013

Betty Rose Little Brisket hosted their first annual car show, but it wasn’t all about hot wheels and fresh paint jobs.

The event is benefiting a young boy David Royall diagnosed with Aicardi Syndrome. It’s a condition that usually affects girls, and Royall is the only treated boy in Abilene. He faces many challenges such as daily seizures, severe lung damage, requires a feeding tube and can no longer talk.

According to his mother Margie Royall, it’s his fighting spirit that keeps him alive. Doctors told his mother that he probably wouldn’t live past the age of four. He’s bound to a wheelchair due to his scoliosis. His mother is a single mom and takes care of him but has a team of nurses for additional help.

All of the money raised in the event will go towards helping the Royall’s buy a house. They currently live in an apartment, but need more room as David gets bigger. They would also need a place that’s more handicap accessible.

David Royall is turning eleven January.

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