“Care Comes Home” During National Family Caregivers Month

November 14, 2014

The 2014 theme for National Family Caregivers Month is “Care Comes Home.” This theme focuses on the care provided by volunteer friends and family within the home and community. For more information on this year’s theme, please visit the Caregiver Action Network’s page at

In supporting this theme, the National Family Caregivers Alliance will feature 30 days of social media messages focused on caregiving and the home. Please see the suggested posts below – feel free to use and modify!

On Wednesday, November 12th, the Alliance will release the second volume of the coalition guidebook, Growing Your Coalition: What to Do After You’ve Planted the Seed. This guidebook provides advice to caregiving coalitions on strategic planning, sustainability, and advocacy. Advocates can spread the word on Twitter and Facebook using #Care2Coalition.

Spread the word and support those who give comfort and support to those in need by using the hashtag #CareComesHome on your Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

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Facts & Stats


  • 58% of #caregivers help with at least one Activity of Daily Living, like getting dressed or helping to get out of bed. #CareComesHome


  • The average caregiver provides 20.4 hours/week of care, though 13% of caregivers provide more than 40 hours/week. #CareComesHome


  • A majority of #caregivers (56%) help with at least one Activity of Daily Living like dressing, bathing or feeding. #CareComesHome


  • Half of #caregivers say their care recipient lives in his or her own home, while 29% live in the caregiver’s home. #CareComesHome


  • The longer a #caregiver has been providing care, the more likely they are to report fair or poor #health. #CareComesHome


  • 3 in 10 caregivers say their #caregiving situation is emotionally stressful – co-residence & burden of care are factors. #CareComesHome


  • Top sources of caregiving information include healthcare providers (36%), the internet (25%), & family/friends (20%). #CareComesHome



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