China Alliance for Rare Disease Holds Inaugural Meeting

October 31, 2018

Rare Daily Staff

The inaugural meeting of the China Alliance for Rare Disease (CARD) was held in Beijing, China on October 24th. The alliance is comprised of stakeholders from many leading national institutions and marks China’s progress toward building an environment conducive to the development of rare disease therapies and treatment access in China.

CARD is a national, non-profit, cooperative exchange platform for rare disease, approved by the national health authority, and supported by Peking Union Medical College Hospital, PhiRDA, the Chinese Medical Association, the Chinese Hospital Association and the Chinese Research Hospital Association, as well as multiple universities, scientific research institutes and enterprises.

CANbridge Pharmaceutical, a company developing innovative drug candidates to treat underserved medical conditions in China and other markets, was named one of four Deputy Director Generals of the alliance. It is the only drugmaker member of the alliance.

“This alliance brings together rare disease experts, patients, drug developers and reimbursement specialists to speak as one voice, and to push forward policy changes and regulatory reforms that will support access to rare disease treatments in China,” said James Xue, chairman and CEO of CANbridge.

CARD aims to meet the growing needs of the Chinese people for a better, healthier life, particularly those who suffer from rare diseases, by promoting the development of a rare disease biomedical industry, as well as improving standardized rare disease diagnosis, treatment and education for patients and the medical community in China. The alliance is focused on creating patient-centered solutions, through bringing together multiple stakeholders, to build a robust and efficient rare disease infrastructure in China that can improve the quality of life for patients and their families.

“Under the leadership of the China Alliance for Rare Disease, the development of China’s rare disease industry will be accelerated through collaboration,” said Yupei Zhao, director general of CARD and president of Peking Union Hospital. “China will become an active player in the global rare disease research community, formulating and promoting a model that is unique to China.”

October 31, 2018

James Xie, chairman and CEO CANbridge Pharmaceutical

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