Five Things You Don’t Want a Service Animal to Do (And Info On What They CAN Do

July 29, 2015

You’ve heard of them. You’ve seen the videos where ambitious labradors wash dishes or do some other incredibly skilled task for a labrador to do. They can help to pick up trash, fetch you food from the kitchen–even help guide you through a busy market or up a flight of stairs. As useful as they are–there are still some thing you don’t want your service dog to be doing.


1. Don’t Let Your Service Dog Run The Front Desk

giphy-10Look. I know it seems easier to train a dog to take a message than to train an intern to use quickbooks– but really, there are some calls you’ll want to take yourself.


2. Don’t Let Your Service Dog Drive You Home



Urgh, backseat drivers though they may very well be–you probably shouldn’t put your pup behind the wheel. (Yes, no matter how well they did on your motorcycle last week.)

3. Don’t Let Your Service Dog Pre-Screen Blind Dates


Let them protect you. Let them pee on his leg. Let them give him dangerous looks until he backs off–but don’t let them take the fall for you if your date turns out to be a real cow.


4. Don’t Let Your Service Dog Take Your Put


After all, canines are notoriously better players than humans.

5. Don’t Let Your Service Dog Manage Your Remodeling Project for Your New House


Although Home Depot is pro-service animals and allows them on store premises, you may want to let Fido be the painters tape and paintbrush fetch-assistant.

Wondering if your disease warrants the use of a service animal? Check out the following link to see the list of diseases an animal could help you with. For examples–if you have Rheumatoid Arthritis, service dogs may be a good fit for you! There is a great organization called Canine Partners for Life and a program geared towards children call 4 Paws for AbilityThanks to Patricia Sarmiento of Public Health Corps for gathering the links to these resources!



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