Jonny Lee Miller to Run Marathon on Behalf of Jonah’s Just Begun

March 25, 2013

Jonny Lee Miller of the new hit show Elementary is endorsing Jonah’s Just Begun. Jonny, who plays Sherlock, has offered to help us raise awareness and funds for Jonah’s Just Begun. Jeremy works as a cameraman on Elementary, and when Jonny heard about Jonah he wanted to do something to help. As a loving father to a son the same age as Jonah, Jonny could empathize with our situation.

We had a meeting with Jonny last month to strategize how he could help us raise funds for our research. Running a marathon came naturally for Jonny, having already run 17 of them, many of which were also for charity. This time Jonny will be asking for corporate sponsorship in order to help reach his fundraising goal of $160,000!

At the end of our meeting, I thanked Jonny to which he replied: “Helping the person standing next to you is the right thing to do.”

Jonny couldn’t have been more humble or more sensitive to our situation. We’re honored to have such a wonderful human being standing up for us. And he’s a pretty good actor, too!

Check out Elementary Thursdays at 10 pm on CBS. Also, please help us say thanks to Jonny. He has just created a Twitter account so that he can promote the run. Please follow him on Twitter and retweet and Facebook the links. In this way, you will help Jonny help Jonah!

The run is happening May 4th. Jonny will be running the 50 mile ultrathon in Bear Mountain, NY.

Make sure to follow Jonny on Twitter and cheer him on! And when you tweet to Jonny, please use @JJBMPS3C and the hash tags #sanfilipposyndrome and #Elementary.

Read More at Jonah’s Just Begun.

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