Life with Lowe: Me Time

January 28, 2016

Like most moms, I stay busy. Especially due to being a special needs mom.

I feel like I never stop but I always try to fit in time for the hobbies that I enjoy because it helps keep me sane. I think it’s important to have hobbies that are for only you. If I didn’t have my hobbies, I think I would be a much more stressed, worrisome and unhappy person. My hobbies help keep my spirits up, especially on days when things have been so rough that I just want to throw my hands up and quit…everything!

I need to unleash my creative tendencies that flow through my brain constantly. To do that, I have two main hobbies, which are writing and community theatre. I’ve enjoyed acting in theatre for over 15 years. Last year, I decided I wanted to take on the challenge of directing a show and I picked one of my favorites, the Tony and Pulitzer award winning show—Proof. I have really enjoyed the opportunity to bring my creativity to a show and to see my actors bring the characters to life.

I have to admit, even though I do try and fit in time for just me, sometimes, I do have to put it on the backburner for a couple days since I also have responsibilities with our videography business where I help edit video and design DVD case covers for clients. Not to mention, regular day-to-day routines of remembering Noah’s medicine that has to be given four times a day, every day, therapies (physical, occupational and speech), check-ups at Texas Children’s Hospital (that are always between 2-4 hours long) regular weekly errands, taking my daughter to the few activities we can afford to let her do, keeping the house straight, the laundry washed and folded.

I can’t just cancel one of Noah’s therapies to make time for my hobbies. Sometimes, I either get up earlier than normal (and that’s hard!) or I get to it when I’m done with everything that is checked off on my list for the day. I know then, I can spend time doing something I enjoy. I notice that because I make an effort to make that time for myself that I’m happier and tend to think more positively, all the way around.

Noah is my inspiration too. Especially when I watch him in therapy and see those moments when he tries his hardest and looks at a picture of a grape and in his own way, says “purple.” It could have been something we’ve been working on for weeks, sometimes months but he always tries and doesn’t give up. It just fills my heart with joy and always seems to remind me that, even when it’s hard, keep trying and eventually you’ll get it.

Even though writing and theatre are my hobbies, I want to do those things well and when I want to give up on my hobbies, I see Noah try something over and over again that that may be hard for him and it makes me realize, I can’t quit either and I need to keep trying until I get it right too.


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