Lysogene Unveils New Website Dedicated to Patients, Their Families and Patient Organizations

February 28, 2013

Lysogene today announces the launch of its website-section entirely dedicated to patients and patient organizations (POs) as a sign of its endeavour to value all those living with an MPS III condition and those who incarnate their voices. With this new action, Lysosome wishes to reaffirm its passionate commitment to fight against heavy-debilitating and life-threatening rare diseases with high unmet medical needs and to bring valuable treatments to patients and families in high demand.

“Lysogene aims at being at the forefront of health improvement for Patients living with Rare Diseases and their families. Our company is dedicated to expanding access to high quality healthcare for those in needs. On this World Rare Disease Day 2013, we stand ready to continue contributing to the fight against MPS IIIA in 2013 and beyond. This new website-section is deemed to become a new arena of exchange with and contribution to the rare diseases community towards our common goal of an enhanced quality of life,” Lysogene CEO’s Karen Aiach said.

The new website-section is a major step forward targeted to patients and POs aiming at enhancing visibility about the disease. The website’s patient-friendly nature is aimed at a wide audience: patients, families, POs, medical and scientific staff and all those interested in receiving information on the initiatives promoted by the company.

Today, Lysogene is engaged in a productive dialogue with an increasing number of Patient Advocacy Groups representing Sanfilippo Syndrome, Mucopolysaccharidoses (MPS), Lysosomal Storage Disorders (LSDs) and umbrella organizations targeted to Rare Diseases.

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