National Leiomyosarcoma Foundation and Rare Cancer Research Foundation Team Up to Study Tumor Tissue

May 16, 2017

The National Leiomyosarcoma Foundation announces an exciting new collaborative partnership with the Rare Cancer Research Foundation (RCRF), which will allow Leiomyosarcoma (LMS) patients to DIRECTLY DONATE their FRESH TUMOR TISSUE to be used for the creation of new LMS TUMOR CELL LINES, which can be used for future LMS research by researchers throughout the world.

The RCRF has created a program with the Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard dedicated to the creation of new tumor cell lines of rare cancers called The Cancer Cell Line Project”. Only a limited number of rare cancers are and will be included in this project. Cell Lines mean: tumor tissue in vitro (petri dish) for analysis and testing to continue to grow more tumor tissue/cells for further research study initiatives.

Through the efforts of the NLMSF working in conjunction with the RCRF, the Broad Institute has agreed to include Leiomyosarcoma as one of the rare cancers for The Cancer Cell Line Project.

By visiting the website created by the RCRF, patients can learn:

* More about The Cancer Cell Line Project
* Why fresh tumor tissue donation by patients is important to consider / the impact for research
* How to give patient consent to donate a sample of one’s tumor tissue to The Cancer Cell Line Project

Once an LMS patient consents to donate a fresh sample of their tumor tissue to The Cancer Cell Line Project, their role is done. The rest of the process will be handled completely by the RCRF. The foundation will work directly with the oncologist/surgeon performing the surgery or the biopsy as well as the local pathologists, to obtain a fresh sample of your tumor (must be a fresh tissue sample) not needed for your care.

The RCRF will DE-IDENTIFY THE TUMOR TISSUE SAMPLES (remove all of the personal information) and have the sample transported directly to the Broad Institute for processing. There is NO COST to the patient. The patient will not receive information back from the RCRF or the Broad Institute regarding their tumor tissue sample.

If a successful tumor cell line model is created from your tissue sample, and genetically characterized at the Broad Institute, the cancer cell line and the data discovered about the new cell line will be made available to any qualified researchers in the world for use in moving forward with research efforts. By doing so, this will provide an invaluable resource for researchers to better understand leiomyosarcoma and hopefully discover more effective modes of treatment.

The NLMSF canvassed researchers for their input on The Cell Line Project and have received a positive response.

If you have questions about The Cell Line Project, please contact Annie Achee at 303 783-0924 or 303 808-3437,
[email protected].


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