New RARE Toolkit “Searching For Answers: Contacting Biopharmaceutical Companies Effectively”

October 23, 2014

“I can do that?”

This is the question patients ask when it comes to the possibility of working directly with biopharmaceutical companies. As Global Genes explains in this, our latest toolkit, the answer is “YES! You can!”

Undiagnosed and rare disease patients often face endless healthcare questions with few to no answers. Doctors frequently know little to nothing about their patients’ rare disease, and with little treatment options available (if any), patients are often the ones taking the lead in driving and managing their own diagnosis and treatment.

Proactive patients and family members reach out to pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies on many important issues, including:

• The status of research
• Gaining access to investigational or approved medications
• Help with patient and prescription assistance programs
• Financial assistance to offset the burden of disease
• Reward program services
• Disease education
• Product information
• The drug development process
• Fundraising, grant, and sponsorship opportunities

View more advice, resources and videos in this great toolkit here.

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