Patient Tools: The Health, Rare Disease and Chronic Illness Sub-Reddits of Reddit

September 11, 2013

Sometimes “you can feel more like a citizen of the internet, than one of your own country.” At least, this is true when you use sites like Reddit. At Global Genes, we really enjoy the spirit of this global online community and feel it can truly be a resource for patients with both rare and chronic diseases.




Never heard of Reddit? Here’s a must-watch explanation of how the site works (and why you totally have to be a part of it. Like, today).


Now that you’ve been formally invited by the Global Genes | RARE team, here are some sub-reddits that can help you connect and stay updated on the latest health, chronic illness and rare disease communities on the site:

/R/Health – – /R/Health is a general community for health news.

/R/ADHD – – /R/ADHD assists users who ask questions about life with ADHD medications, relationships, work and all other life issues affected by this disease.

/R/Amblyopia – – /R/Ambylopia is sub-reddit dedicated to patients with the condition of a “lazy eye.”

/R/Cancer – – /R/Cancer is a popular sub-reddit dedicated to users with all cancers.

/R/CFS – – /R/CFS is a sub-reddit used by patients with chronic fatigue syndrome or CFIDS.

/R/ChronicPain – – /R/ChronicPain is useful for patients with multiple conditions including RSD.

/R/CHD – – /R/CHD is dedicated to users with congenital heart defects.

/R/CrohnsDisease – – /R/CrohnsDisease is dedicated to users with Crohn’s Disease.

/R/Dementia – – /R/Dementia is dedicated to caregivers of those with Dementia.

/R/Diabetes – – /R/Diabetes is dedicated to discussion on diet and care of diabetes.

/R/Diagnosed – – /R/Diagnosed is for patients who aren’t sure what they have, and need a point in the right direction!

/R/Dysautonomia – – /R/Dysautonomia is a community for patients with Dysautonomia of all types including familial and POTS.

/R/Dystonia – – /R/Dystonia is a new sub-reddit for patients with Dystonia.

/R/EhlersDanlos – – /R/EhlersDanlos is a sub-reddit for patients with all types of EDS.

/R/Fibro – – /R/Fibro is an active community for Fibromyalgia patients.

/R/Gastroparesis – – /R/Gastroparesis is a community for patients struggling with gastric diseases.

/R/Hypothyroidism – – /R/Hypothydoidism is a sub-reddit for patients with thyroid issues.

/R/Interstitialcystitis – – /R/InterstitialCystitis is dedicated to patients with IC.

/R/Menieres – – /R/Menieres is a community for research, treatments and discussion of menieres disease.

/R/MultipleSclerosis – – /R/MultipleSclerosis is a community dedicated to patients with MS.

/R/PancreaticCancer – – /R/PancreaticCancer is a community devoted to discussion of pancreatic cancer.

/R/Psoriasis – – /R/Psoriasis is a place to discuss treatment of psoriasis.

/R/Rheumatoid – – /R/Rheumatoid is a place to discuss treatment of rheumatoid arthritis.

/R/TrigeminalNeuralgia – – /R/trigeminalNeuralgia is a sub-reddit dedicated to patients with Trigeminal Neuralgia.

/R/UKHealthcare – /R/UKHealthCare is a place to discuss healthcare policy and questions in the UK.

Oh and please remember that even though they may claim to be Dr. House, they’re on the internet and could also be a wolf, or John Mayer, or ten-years-old. So please read and be aware of the Reddit Medical Information Disclaimer.

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