NEW CONTEST: Rare Quotes that Inspire

April 15, 2015

Whether you’re hoping for patience, luck or strength–sometimes its the wise words you find within quotations that can make all the difference in your attitude.

There will always be challenges for patients who struggle through and parents who have to make nerve-wracking decisions about treatment. What phrase has helped you persevere?

For the next thirty day, Global Genes is hosting a Rare Wisdom Contest–a chance for you to share your favorite quote by a favorite author, blogger, celebrity, leader or even just your mom! Narrow down your most inspiring quote and enter it to win a prize pack!

Here’s how it works:
Please submit a short quote that inspires you as a rare disease patient, friend, doctor, researcher or caregiver. Quotes should not exceed the length of a 200 characters.
Rules:  Quotes can not exceed the length limit of 200 characters. Quotes MUST have a citation for who said it. First person to cite a winning quote (in the case that it is cited by multiple entrants) will be the winning entry.
Timeline: Starting April 15th, the contest will be concluding at midnight on May 15th.



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