Tech Event Organized as Fundraiser for Australian Friedreich’s Ataxia Patient

July 26, 2015

FRIEDREICH’S Ataxia sufferer Wil Hobbs has never met Tom Carra before, but the Melbourne property developer is about to change his life.

Mr Carra read about Mr Hobbs’ battle in a story in The Courier last week.

In a matter of days, Mr Carra organised two corporate fundraising breakfast events to be held in Ballarat and Melbourne on July 30.

Mr Carra said he had been moved by Mr Hobb’s plight and wanted to help him reach his target of $20,000 to receive support for palliative care at home care.

At the moment, Mr Hobbs is almost $14,000 short.

“It’s simply a way to raise to money for his care,” Mr Carra said.

“Wil’s story has already generated a lot of attention shown in the number of signatures there are on the online petition supporting him. I worked out the practicalities and hopefully these fundraisers will raise the remaining money he needs.”

Friedreich’s Ataxia is a rare genetic nervous system disorder which affects Mr Hobbs’ movement, sight and speech and causes serious heart problems.

Mr Hobbs, 40, is now legally blind and confined to a wheelchair and also has severe sleep apnoea that requires overnight carers.

Creator of the world’s first full-sized working car made from Lego and technology guru Steve Sammartino will be speaking at both events.

The entrepreneur used crowd-funding to build the car and has shared it with more than 5 million people through a video clip he posted on YouTube.

He will be discussing the move from the industrial era to the digital age.

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