The Balancing Act on Lifetime TV’s Carri Levy Honored with RARE Champion of Hope Award

September 29, 2013

Levy recognized for work on show’s “Behind the Mystery: Rare & Genetic Diseases” Series which provides viewers with treatment information, helps educate and empower patients, their families, caregivers and the medical community

O2 Media™ Inc. is proud to announce that Carri Levy, Senior Associate Producer of The Balancing Act® airing on Lifetime Television, was recently honored with the “RARE Champion of Hope Award” by the Global Genes Project for her work on the show’s “Behind the Mystery: Rare & Genetic Diseases” series. The Balancing Act is the only morning show that features rare diseases.

A rare disease is one that affects fewer than 200,000 people. “Behind the Mystery: Rare and Genetic Diseases” is produced with the intention of introducing and uniting patient, physician, and scientist with research, education and opportunity to revolutionize the way our health care system works for the Rare and Genetic Minority while helping to inspire Americans to take a more active role in getting to know and understand their genes.

By partnering with The Global Genes Project, The Balancing Act is able to provide available support to patients diagnosed with rare and genetic diseases, and to give hope with news of clinical trials and new treatments, and begin a new wave of advocacy and support for the rare community.

To learn more about the Behind the Mystery: Rare and Genetic Diseases” projects, and the participants who have been on the series, please visit:

For more information or if you have a treatment for a rare disease, and would like to become a content partner in the “Behind the Mystery: Rare & Genetic Diseases” series please contact Carri Levy at [email protected].

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