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September 24, 2015

Our Livestream webcast connection allows up to 5,000 advocates from around the globe to attend the RARE Patient Advocacy Summit online, at no cost! The event will be broadcast live with opportunities for patients from afar to ask questions by tweeting @GlobalGenes using the hashtag #RAREsummitQA. The webcast will start promptly at 8am PST today, Thursday, September 24th.

Click here, to view the Livestream Agenda.

A lot of hard work has gone into making this the best Summit yet, and we truly hope you enjoy your time. We wanted to make sure to optimize your experience by answering some FAQ below.

How do I watch? 

At 7:50am PST on September 24th (Today!), click hereto join the Summit, which starts promptly at 8am PST.

How do I ask questions?
There will be specific times when panelists will open for Q&A (indicated in this agenda).
During this time, you will take to Twitter, where you will tweet your question using #RARESummitQA. Please note, if you do not use the hashtag #RARESummitQA your question will not go into the thread of questions for our social moderator to choose from. 

I missed a session, can I still watch it?
We do not want you to miss out on any of the Summit sessions, if you are unable to attend a session, or one you were interested in was not livestreamed, we want you to know, that all sessions will be available online within one week after our event.

How else can I particpate in the Summit?
Follow @GlobalGenes on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram look for pictures and quotes from the Summit with #2015GGSummit, and then SHARE SHARE SHARE! Your social advocacy can help reach more people in the Rare Community, which in turn can lead to helping futher our mission of working to eliminate the challenges of rare disease!

We are so glad to have you join this year’s event. On behalf of the entire Global Genes team, our Board of Directors and Sponsors, we thank you for your participation and for your time over the next few days.

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