World Rare Disease Day Success Within the Industry: Premier Gets Employes Excited About World Rare Disease Day

March 16, 2016

Since rare disease is one of Premier’s core therapeutic areas, it’s always been a goal to help celebrate the movement of Rare Disease Day by getting employees to wear the Global Genes Blue Denim Genes Ribbon and their favorite jeans to work.

“It’s our way of showing support for the rare community, and also to get our employees together to help them remember that the work they do is vital and important,” says Joy Abella, Marketing Communications Manager at Premier. “The first year we did it, we did a giant customer email campaign to try to get them involved, but we found out that it was a much more effective as an internal campaign, and so that’s where we have concentrated our efforts in 2014 and 2015.”

Last year around 230 employees participated – taking group shots in their offices worldwide, in 7 US states and 11 countries. This year, their goal was to get more of their employees participating in Rare Disease Day – from home, the office, the road, wherever they were!

In the end, Premier managed to get 310 employees from 12 states and 16 countries (and 6 kids, 2 babies, 4 dogs, and 1 cat) to participate – that’s about a 35% increase year over year.

“It got our employees interested and asking me questions about Global Genes, so that was good, too!”

Those who consented to being included on social are in the company’s Facebook album – that’s here. There were also posts on their Twitter feed as well as their LinkedIn page.

What can’t be measured are the comments and anecdotes from employees, the happiness over participating, mentioning who they were supporting, excitement and having a lot of fun at showing support for WRDD2016.

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