Join Diane Lea 50/50 Rider on June 18th in San Diego for Her Kick-Off Event!

June 15, 2016

Make sure to join the party to send off 50/50 Rider, Diane Lea. The event will take place at the Sunshine Company in Ocean Beach to wish her a successful journey to Pensacola, FL for all of the 50 Causes she’ll be riding to bring awareness to including, of course, rare disease.

Join the party here!

The 50 Causes Ride begins June 18, 2016 in San Diego, CA and will end approximately the middle of August, in Pensacola, FL. Everyday, Diane Lea will ride her bicycle 50 miles, and will bring as much attention as she can to the cause for that day. Her hope is that with such a unique idea for this event she will collect a large following of people and much press coverage and be able to promote awareness to each of the 50 Causes on a grand scale. We encourage our audience to take action and get involved with a cause either in their local area or on the national or international level.

Learn more about Diane here.

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