IRF2BPL-related regressive neurodevelopmental disorder-dystonia-seizures syndrome

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IRF2BPL-related regressive neurodevelopmental disorder-dystonia-seizures syndrome

A rare genetic neurological disorder characterized by childhood onset of severe global neurodevelopmental regression with eventual loss of independent walking and loss of language and fine and gross motor skills and development of severe dysphagia requiring tube feeding seizures cerebellar syndrome dystonia and other neurologic manifestations. Brain imaging shows progressive cerebral and/or cerebellar atrophy in most cases. A less severe phenotype associated with missense mutations shows no regression or movement abnormalities ambulation is preserved and brain imaging is normal.

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IRF2BPL-related regressive neurodevelopmental disorder-dystonia-seizures syndrome?

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Yellow for Yiannis

We are striving to become the leading resource for families ours included for ultra rare diseases specifically IRF2BPL.IRF2BPL is an ultra rare fatal progressive neurodegenerative afflicting 50 +/- individuals globally, majority being children. There is zero treatment or cure YET. That is where Yellow For Yiannis comes into the picture. We are funding critical research to develop gene therapy.

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