Postpoliomyelitis syndrome

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Synonyms: Postpolio sequelae | Postpolio syndrome | Postpoliomyelitic syndrome | Postpoliomyelitis sequelae

Postpoliomyelitis syndrome (PPS) is a neurologic disorder characterized by the development of new neuromuscular symptoms such as progressive muscular weakness or abnormal muscle fatigability occurring in survivors of the acute paralytic form of poliomyelitis (see this term) 15-40 years after recovery from the disease and that is unexplained by other medical causes. Other manifestations that can occur gradually include generalized fatigue muscle atrophy muscle and joint pain intolerance to cold and difficulties sleeping swallowing or breathing.

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Association Aux Pas du Coeur – Côte d’ivoire

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Project CASK

VISION Project CASK believes in a world free of the life limitations and debilitating effects of CASK gene disorders. ​MISSION To accelerate breakthroughs in research to develop treatments and a cure for CASK gene disorders. ​VALUES Collaboration. Transparency. Urgency.

patriot for growth and development initiative

Patriots for Growth and Development Initiatives (PGDI), is a non-governmental and civil society organization that is dedicated to promoting sustainable development and poverty reduction in Nigeria and beyond. Founded in 2017 and registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) in Nigeria, PGDI is committed to contributing to the attainment of the United Nations Millennium Development Goals

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