Sickle cell anemia

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A severe form of sickle cell disease (SCD) characterized by homozygosity for the sickle hemoglobin (HbS) gene and which acutely manifests with severe anemia susceptibility to severe bacterial infections and ischemic vasoocclusive accidents (VOA). It is a red cell disease of genetic origin which manifests with hemolytic disease and loss of red cell deformability leading to other occlusive events.

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Advocacy Organizations

Antonia Pauls Sickle Cell Disease Foundation – Uganda

To improve health, standards of living and social life for sickle cell disease victims through empowerment, counselling, provision of social activities as well as events and health care.

Bridging The Gap-Adult Sickle Cell Disease Foundation of Nevada

Bridging The Gap-Adult Sickle Cell Disease Foundation is a direct service organization that supports Sickle Cell patients and families by giving rental assistance, food assistance, clothing assistance, and funeral assistance. We also have a Support group program where we meet once a month, on Zoom. The topics of discussion are disease Management education, self advocacy and mental health

Drépanovie-association des drépanocytaires de côte d’ivoire

La DrépanoVie est une association des drépanocytaires de Côte d'Ivoire qui a pour objectifs : - d'œuvrer pour le bien être des personnes qui vivent avec la Drépanocytose ; - de donner la chance à toute personne atteinte de la drépanocytose d'avoir accès aux soins médicaux ; - de lutter pour le dépistage systématique (à la naissance) ; - d'oeuvrer pour la prise en compte de la drépanocytose comme maladie de santé publique.


To raise awareness, provide education, support research efforts, improve access to healthcare services, and advocate for policies that enhance the quality of life for individuals living with sickle cell disease in Uganda . This mission encompasses a holistic approach that addresses various aspects of the disease, including medical care, social support, and community engagement.

FSIC American Innovation and Opportunity Fund

Mission Statement: Renewing communities through innovation and economic empowerment AIOF's mission is to gather information from target communities, develop solutions, and educate the target communities how to support the solutions through advocacy locally & nationally. AIOF's main areas of focus on are 1) Economic Empowerment and Inclusion 2) Health Care Equity 3) Technology Inclusion


To expand the genetic condition of sickle cell disease. To advocate for improved treatment services and accessibility to these services. To inform what parents, family members and the community can do to impact this disease condition. We seek to inspire progress for a much-needed cure for this disease.

Sickle Cell Coalition of Maryland

Our mission is to equip and support sickle cell warriors and their families, we strive to provide SCD Warriors with the tools needed to maximize access to equitable care, education, and resources. We will cultivate meaningful relationships within in order to build trust.

Sickle Cell Support Hub

To create a holistic ecosystem of support for sickle cell affected people, and implement sustainable social development programs to uplift the marginalized community.

Umoja Africa Sickle Cell Foundation

Umoja Sickle Cell Foundation is a group of African Sickle Cell nonprofit organizations with the aim of representing patients, caregivers and all stakeholders as well as advancing the rights of those affected by sickle cell disease. Our mission is to synergize the efforts of sickle cell disease organizations in Africa to promote Advocacy, Awareness, Care and Research.

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Clinical Trials

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