The Next Generation of RARE Changemakers

September 15, 2020

As COVID-19 has grown to a global pandemic, the impact of isolation has shaped our collective and individual experiences; for young adults navigating major life changes already, this has only added to the daunting equation. That is only more true for those young adults who have been impacted by a rare disease.  Whether they are a patient themselves, a caregiver and/or sibling, the pandemic has added new and evolving pressures that test their resolve, resilience and mental well-being, and further complicated an already complex path for many. Bringing together advocacy veterans and newcomers alike, this event will highlight the experiences of young adults who are working to chart their own paths, find resiliency and hope, and agitate for change in their personal and professional lives. Join us to hear how these insights can help today’s young adults, rare or not, to navigate life successfully and how allies, friends and families can provide meaningful support. Meet your speakers for this session:

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