Entrepreneurial Development & Incubation (REDI) Initiative

Equipping, Connecting, Enabling RARE Innovators

Rare patients, caregivers, and advocates are increasingly taking matters into their own hands to fund research, form partnerships and found companies to spur the advancement of therapeutics.

The support and incubation of rare disease entrepreneurs and partnerships offer an important opportunity to address the lack of treatments for rare diseases. Increasing the productivity and viability of drug development programs is critical to continuing momentum in rare disease-focused drug development.

The REDI Initiative equips, connects, and enables budding leaders

Become effective advocates and entrepreneurs working toward new therapies through a series of events, opportunities, and interactions throughout the year.

The Program Includes:

  1. Regional rare entrepreneurial development training 
  2. Mentoring, resource and information-sharing, via the RARE portal
  3. Vetting & networking events, and dedicated “tracks” at existing Global Genes events
  4. A dedicated REDI Summit, offering opportunities for companies, investors, and other REDI partners to review REDI-cultivated programs and assets
  5. Exclusive and non-exclusive opportunities for REDI-prepared entrepreneurs to present to and network with investors and potential partnering companies at RARE in the Square and Biotech Showcase in January 2023

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