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Aldena Raises $30 Million to Develop siRNA Therapies for Immuno-Dermatology Indications

March 16, 2023

Rare Daily Staff

Aldena Therapeutics, which is developing siRNA-based therapies for dermatological indications, unveiled itself saying it completed a $30 million financing from the international investment firm Medicxi.

Aldena has a pipeline of six different compounds, three of which will be ready for IND filing next year. The innovative pipeline of dermatological siRNA therapies is targeting the unmet medical need in conditions like alopecia areata, as well as more common skin disease.

Under the leadership of CEO, dermatology industry veteran Thibaud Portal, Aldena’s goal is to develop advanced, long-lasting treatments for dermatological diseases based on its disruptive approach to immuno-dermatology. The company’s technology allows for the delivery of proprietary siRNAs through transepidermal delivery.

Nobel laureate Craig Mello, an Investigator at the Howard Hughes Medical Institute, the Blais University Chair in Molecular Medicine, and co-director of the RNA Therapeutics Institute at the University of Massachusetts Chan Medical School, will chair the scientific advisory board. Mello won the Nobel prize along with Andrew Fire for their discovery of RNA interference.

“The most influential way to make a lasting impact in the life science community,” said Mello, “is to create pioneering, effective products that address the unmet medical need of patients.”


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