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Australia Allocating $44 million to Grants for Rare Disease Clinical Studies

December 19, 2022

Australia’s National Health and Medical Research Council is accepting applications for $44 million (AUD 65 million) in grants to support clinical studies in rare cancers, rare diseases, other unmet needs, and health interventions.

The grants are being made in four areas. The first covers clinical trails of one or more treatments or management-based intervention for rare cancers, rare diseases and/or unmet need.

The second area covers studies that seek to determine the best strategies for reducing inappropriate antibiotic use in clinical settings.

The third area will award grants to clinical trials that reduce inequities in health outcomes by addressing the specific health and health care needs that are of priority for people in regional, rural, and remote communities.

Finally, the fourth area will support clinical trials that assess the comparative effectiveness of two or more health interventions to treat a specific clinical condition, to inform the decisions of policy makers, clinicians, and consumers regarding healthcare and to minimize the use of unnecessary, ineffective, and harmful health interventions.

Applications will only be accepted from NHMRC approved Medical Research Future Fund Eligible Organizations. Applications must be submitted to the NHMRC by June 28, 2023, 5 p.m. ACT.

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