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BrightInsight and UCB Partner to Build Digital Care Solutions for Rare Diseases

March 8, 2022

BrightInsight, a platform for biopharma and medtech digital health solutions, said it has entered a partnership with the global biopharmaceutical company UCB to develop a digital disease management solution for patients with rare diseases.

Photo: Kal Patel, CEO of BrightInsight

The BrightInsight platform enables UCB to develop and launch its digital health solutions at scale while maintaining compliance with privacy, security, and regulatory requirements across the globe. Leveraging the BrightInsight platform, built on Google Cloud, UCB’s digital disease management solution will first include a mobile patient app to support patients with myasthenia gravis (MG), a rare autoimmune disease that disrupts how nerves communicate with muscles.

“MG is a rare, challenging and unpredictable disease, and innovation is urgently needed to better support those living with it,” said Colin Lake, vice president and head of digital business transformation neurology at UCB. “This partnership takes us one step forward in our goal to harness digital solutions and the latest AI technologies to better serve patients and potentially improve their care.”

The solution and its future evolution will help those living with myasthenia gravis better manage their condition and supports UCB’s commitment to bringing digital solutions to patients with rare diseases to improve overall care and outcomes. The solution will be available first in the United States, with plans to incorporate feedback and patient insights into future versions to eventually launch on a global scale.

“Our collaboration reflects our companies’ common goal to develop digital health solutions for disease management that enable better patient experiences and outcomes,” said Kal Patel, CEO and co-founder of BrightInsight.

Author: Rare Daily Staff

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