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Envoya Emerges from Stealth Mode, Unveils AI-Enabled Gene Therapy Drug Delivery Platform

December 13, 2023

Rare Daily Staff

Envoya emerged from stealth mode and announce the soft Launch of its AI-enabled drug delivery platform for gene therapy.

Backed by pre-seed funding of more than $2 million, the company says it is on a mission to redefine gene therapy through its cutting-edge combination of biopolymer-nanoparticles and artificial intelligence. Envoya says its platform is a game-changer, designed to overcome the limitations of current gene therapy delivery technologies like viral vectors and lipid nanoparticles, which have been hindered by safety concerns, limited payload capacities, and restricted tissue-targeting.

The company’s platform offers a safer, more efficient alternative that has shown promising results in early preclinical experiments in multiple oncology indications and positions Envoya as a potential disruptor in the field of oncology and rare genetic diseases.

Eran Orr, a serial entrepreneur in the healthcare industry, founded Envoya and serves as chairman of the board. Shira Orr is CEO of Envoya

“At the age of 12 my mother sat me down and told me we have a rare genetic illness in my family,” said Shira Orr. “While investigating the gene therapy market, we realized the main limiting factors in the current drug delivery systems are limited payloads, toxicity and efficiency and targeting. We believe our biopolymer-nanoparticles with the combination of our AI capabilities have overcome these challenges. We are eager to redefine the drug delivery space and create safer and reliable therapeutics for millions of patients.”

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