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ExcepGen Emerges from Stealth with New Funding for its Nucleic Acid Therapeutics Platform

August 25, 2023

Rare Daily Staff

ExcepGen, a genetic medicine startup, emerged from stealth after the successful completion of its newest funding round of $4 million, bringing the company’s total seed funding to $14 million.

RA Capital Management led the financing, backed by Gravity Fund, Apollo Projects, and other investors.

ExcepGen has been quietly advancing its technology to make nucleic acid therapeutics much more powerful by encoding a specialized “shield” protein alongside the main nucleic acid cargo, which improves how cells react to the foreign DNA or RNA and prevents negative cell signaling. By this mechanism, ExcepGen’s technology could massively expand the reach of both DNA-based and RNA-based genetic medicines by enhancing their effectiveness and tolerability.

“Our mission at ExcepGen is to unlock nucleic acid medicines,” said Thomas Folliard, CEO and co-founder at ExcepGen. “This funding validates our aim to make RNA and DNA-based drugs a cornerstone of therapeutics.”

The new funding will help accelerate ExcepGen’s research and development efforts, as well as advancing its collaborations with other companies.

Photo: Thomas Folliard, CEO and co-founder at ExcepGen

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