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Gamma Biosciences Acquires Controlling Stake in Mirus Bio

May 18, 2021

Gamma Biosciences, a life sciences platform created by the global investment firm KKR, said that it has agreed to take a controlling investment in Mirus Bio, an innovator and developer of biomimetic, cell-adaptive lipid-polymer nanocomplexes for nucleic acid delivery.

Photo: Matt Gunnison, president of Gamma Biosciences

The companies did not disclose financial terms of the transaction, which will support Mirus’ plans to expand good manufacturing practice production and commercialization of its flagship product TransIT VirusGEN for large scale manufacturing of AAV and LV-based viral vectors for gene therapy, as well as to further develop and commercialize the platform for in vivo delivery applications.

Originally developed for therapeutic delivery of RNA, Mirus LPNCs have been adapted for a wide range of gene delivery applications. Demand for efficient and scalable gene delivery technologies continues to increase as larger volumes of viral vector are required to support the growing number of gene therapies in development.

TransIT VirusGen and Mirus’ portfolio of additional products and services enable customers at both research and clinical scales achieve cost effective, industry leading functional titers.

Mirus will leverage Gamma Bio’s strategic and commercial resources and will work closely with its other operating companies, including Univercells Technologies, Astrea Bioseparations, Nanopareil, and BioMagnetic Solutions, to deliver an increasingly comprehensive range of solutions for the advanced therapy industry.

“Highly efficient, GMP compliant nucleic acid delivery into a wide variety of cell types will continue to be a critical path item for advanced therapies, from viral vectors such as AAV for gene therapy to engineered cellular therapies to novel mRNA based vaccines,” said Matt Gunnison, president of Gamma Biosciences. “Mirus brings decades of experience in transfection and cell engineering and a portfolio of best-in-class transfection products for in vitro and in vivo delivery, adding a new foundational platform that complements Gamma’s existing offering in advanced therapy manufacturing.”

Author: Rare Daily Staff

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