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PTC Therapeutics partners with Saphetor to Advance Awareness of Clinical Programs

July 13, 2022

Saphetor is the creator of VarSome.com, an open genomics community that brings together a global network of clinical and research genetic laboratories and leveraged its genomic annotation tools and data.

With this partnership, Saphetor will facilitate connecting the rare disease community to accelerate research collaboration, by identifying the most relevant stakeholders and facilitating the communication between involved parties such as labs, pharma, and healthcare professionals. This collaboration will help improve the speed at which the rare disease community can be made aware of rare diseases and associated clinical programs, relevant to their genes / variants of interest thanks to VarSome’s global coverage of users.

“We look forward to leveraging Saphetor’s innovative approach to bring together the global genomics community to build awareness in our rare disease programs,” said Ludovic Baillon, genetic and diagnostic lead at PTC Therapeutics.

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