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Resilience Collaborates with Mayo to Manufacture and Deliver Biotherapeutics for Rare and Complex Conditions

August 16, 2022

National Resilience, a technology-focused manufacturing company dedicated to broadening access to complex medicines, entered a strategic collaboration with Mayo Clinic in biomanufacturing to deliver novel biotherapeutics for rare and complex conditions.

Photo: Rahul Singhvi, CEO of Resilience

The focus will be on therapies derived from biologics—cells, blood, enzymes, tissues, genes, or genetically engineered cells—for use in medicines.

Resilience will collaborate with Mayo’s Center for Regenerative Medicine in Two Discovery Square in Rochester, Minnesota where the partners will build embedded process and analytical development labs, as well as quality control labs. This “embedded” approach allows for closer proximity and collaboration to jointly develop and progress cell therapies and other advanced modalities into clinical care. The collaboration also aims to attract third-party biotech companies interested in sponsoring clinical trials for new therapeutics, as well as collaborating on their process and analytical development.

In addition, the collaboration seeks to advance biologic discoveries toward early-stage clinical trials.

“By combining our organizations’ capabilities in biomanufacturing and medical innovation, we have an opportunity to deliver complex and innovative therapeutics to patients in need,” said Rahul Singhvi, CEO of Resilience.

The collaboration will also allow Mayo to leverage Resilience’s broad network of offerings. Resilience currently has 11 facilities across North America, with more than 1 million square feet of manufacturing space. The company’s network, which is expected to add capacity and capabilities this year with projects underway at several existing sites across all modalities, is agile enough to scale customer projects from process and analytical development through preclinical, clinical, and to large scale commercial manufacturing.

The collaboration focuses on the following initiatives: process and analytical development; biomanufacturing for early-stage cell and gene therapeutics; analytical testing and quality control required for manufacturing commercial-grade biopharmaceuticals; a business incubator where healthcare entrepreneurs, startups, and industry experts can work together on forwarding breakthrough technologies to market; and access to clinical trial capabilities and patients.

Author: Rare Daily Staff

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