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Saphetor Enters Partnership with ICON

October 18, 2023

Rare Daily Staff

Bioinformatics specialist Saphetor said it has entered into a partnership with the healthcare intelligence and clinical research organization ICON to develop and support the planning and execution of clinical trials in the areas of precision medicine and rare diseases.

The companies are exploring how Saphetor’s variant interpretation platform VarSome.com can be leveraged in terms of the epidemiology, prevalence, and location trends of genetic mutations to support patient recruitment and overall clinical trial strategy.

Saphetor has developed VarSome Insights, a precision medicine service enabling clients to leverage VarSome.com search data as part of an approach to executing powerful clinical trial strategies. VarSome.com is a tool healthcare professionals and researchers use to access information about genetic variants of interest.

Saphetor will work with ICON to explore the potential of VarSome Insights for patient recruitment, disease awareness and education, site selection, and prevalence mapping.

Together, the two companies said they are working towards improving the power and cost-effectiveness of clinical trial planning and execution, making it easier for healthcare providers to receive the latest information about relevant diseases, and to help their patients be made aware of trial and study opportunities.

“The more meaningful data that we can use to inform clinical trial strategies, the more meaningful progress we can make,” said Travis Caudill, vice president of feasibility and clinical informatics at ICON. “It’s a great example of how different players in the industry can come together and use their combined skills to look at how we can innovate and evolve clinical research for the better.”

Photo: Travis Caudill, vice president of feasibility and clinical informatics at ICON

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